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A consultation enables you to discuss what you need, allowing Kamal to provide you with various options specific to your child or childrens needs. This provides optimum results from sensory play in your purpose built sensory room. Sensory rooms can be developed effectively for all ages, budgets, space sizes and needs.




Sensory Spaces @ Home


Having access to the right developmental equipment for your child at home is important to ensure that play is an effective teaching tool. Often children need a sensory space at home specific to their needs to calm or excite them, enabling them to participate in daily activities. Sensory spaces can be beneficial for all children however for children with special needs they can support parents to assist their child better at home, simulating therapy sessions.


By creating an in-home sensory space, your child will have regular opportunities to further develop their skills and enhance their learning. Kamal is able to provide strategies specific to your child or childrens needs, along with specific reccomendations on where to source the equipment required if it is not already available  in our TherapyBox Online Store.



Sensory Spaces in Schools and Nurseries


Schools and nurseries often have the opportunity to create sensory spaces however where to start can be very confusing due to a range of childrens ages, needs, budgets and space sizes. Book a consultation to see how you can maximise your resources to provide the best developmental outcomes for your children, from your sensory space.


Therapy Box is run by Senior Occupational Therapist Kamal Dasani, which is why we are able to provide you with a range of services tailored to meet your child's needs, goals and interests.


The services below provide you with options to create sensory spaces in your home/office, school or nursery.



Specialised Developmental Services

Sensory Strategies for your Organisation


Organisations often want to hold events with a focus on sensory strategies or provide sensory strategies for staff within their offices. Sensory strategies can be provided for children as well as adults to optimise learning or working. The possibilities are endless.




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